Heavy Duty Trailer Supplies, Maintenance and Repair

Supplies, Maintenance and Repair

Mines facilitate rigorous processes that are unique to the industry, easily surpassing that of general factories and production plants. This is thanks to exceptionally strong vehicles and machinery that can perform at full capacity for long periods of time in extremely demanding environments.

Logistics play a pivotal role in the general operations of a mining site, with large quantities of heavy materials needing to be relocated on a daily basis. This is also the case for other industries that require the transport of heavy duty materials, such as construction. It is only with the correct vehicle and trailer that mines and construction sites can operate at their full potential, and in fact, at all.

Thus said, vehicles and trailers nearing the end of their lifespan can prove unpredictable and cause serious headaches. The fact that they are in use throughout the working day makes them not only vulnerable, but crucial to the entire operation’s flow – if something happens to one piece of equipment, it will affect something else further down the line and in turn cause a loss of productivity – in this case the production of coal, gold and other minerals.

This is why there is a need for a reliable and on-demand source of mining trailer technicians who can fix problems before or as they arise.

If you’re looking for professional heavy duty trailers for mining and other applications, then you’re at the right place.

Boomerang Engineering has been serving the industry since the mining boom, with a legacy that stretches back to 1963. It is then that we established our place in the market as one of Australia’s leading suppliers and repairers of heavy duty trailers, ensuring they can withstand the nature and transport of mining related goods.

Due to the demanding environments that a mining trailer finds itself in on a daily basis, there is an undeniable need for a trusted provider of trailer repairs and maintenance. Fixing what’s broken can serve as a welcomed alternative to costly replacements and extend a trailer’s lifespan indefinitely.

At Boomerang Engineering, we specialise in custom building trailers for our clients, some with very specific application requests that cater for heavy-duty equipment and materials. We house a team of highly-trained technicians that treat every single job with the same dedication and attention to detail. With both safety and productivity in mind, together with a passion for the job, we’re well-equipped to perform repairs on most heavy duty trailers.

Tipping Trailers

Whether for coal or phosphate mining, or to move ore to crushing plants and stockpiles, our Side Tipping Trailers are improving productivity rates on mines around the world. We manufacture one of the largest side tippers in the Southern Hemisphere, with a load capacity of up to 120 tonnes. We also manufacture a trailer that can carry 100 tonnes of salt without contaminating the product – even on dusty roads.

Repairs and Maintenance

All our Trailer Maintenance Services take place at our Belmont workshop, where we straighten and repair any type of goods-related, road transport equipment with a 100 tonne trailer crush, ensuring that components are returned to their original specifications and functionality. From preventative maintenance to emergency breakdown assistance, Boomerang Engineering is on-call.

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