Water Tanks Australia

Water Carts and Tanks For Sale Boomerang Engineering has been manufacturing water tanks in Australia since the early 1970s. We have a variety of water tanks for all trucks, from small 10,000 litre truck mounted tanks to dump truck water tanks with a capability of over 100,000 litres. If you’re interested, contact us today. Our staff will be more than happy to help you. We have water carts for sale and offer numerous designs for every type of accessory possible: Rear fan sprays Batter spray Fire hoses Water canon Dribble bars AFFF tank Suction pickup Standpipe fill High volume water pump Water cooled hydraulic oil tank Our most popular water tank for trucks is the 16 000-litre chassis mounted Double "D." This tank is manufactured from mild steel plate with centre longitudinal baffle and three cross baffles that are double welded. A quick release hatch is fitted to the top of the tank, and all ladders and safety fences are complete with safety cage. Another favoured tank is the fabricated water tank. It has a water capacity of 20 000 litres and has four lifting lugs and a full funnel on drivers’ side. A platform for pumps is included. 1 x 8" outlet and 1 x 4" outlet at the rear. A splash guard is also fitted around the top of the tank. This tank has been designed to carry several different types of product, which are delivered through a single Southern Cross pump mounted at the rear of the unit via a 25m side swivelling hose reel. The unit is equipped to manually flush out pump and delivery line between the different products being delivered, enabling the customer to increase delivery and productivity. Leading water truck tanks manufacturer True to our word of totally evolving our products and providing with an innovative solution, Boomerang Engineering also stocks an electric water cannon. This is fitted on top of the drivers’ side of the tank. We are able to accommodate to your requirements. From supplying a fabricated water tank to a fully fitted up unit for a large water capacity. With your feedback, we will continue to grow our range. Contact us today about our water tank range.
Transport solutions

Side Tipping Trailers Australia

Boomerang Engineering builds a large number of different combination side tipping trailers in Australia that will meet your transport needs. The majority of our side tipping trailers are used in the mining industry, hauling ore to crushing plants and stockpiles. What makes us the leaders in side tipping trailer manufacturers? Our trailers have a low centre of gravity They are able to tip over walls Transport and unload large rocks and high impact materials Safety, giving the driver a perfect view of the load whilst unloading Stockpiling of material in windrows 50 Degree tipping angle Equal load distribution Increases loads per day Boomerangs standard type of side tipping trailers include the following specifications: Axles: BPW 19.5 10 stud drum brake Suspension: BPW Heavy duty air bag Body: 4mm hardox type Sub-frame: Fabricated "I" beam Hydraulics: Double acting 60T ram Door operation: Cable type King pin: 90mm bolt in Guards: Stretched rubber Aero dynamics: Fibre nose cone Coupling: Ringfeder 96 AUS Tipping angle: 45° Paint: 2-pack under and top coats Electrical: Hella LED lamps /7 pin plugs Capacity: "A" trailer 13m³ rear trailer 22m³ The innovative tipper trailer manufacturers We have developed our own side door opening mechanism, which allows the door of the trailer to be fully opened before the body reaches a 5° tipping angle. Our side tipping trailers are also exported overseas to many locations like Christmas Island and Indonesia. They are used in the coal and phosphate mining, where they have improved productivity against the conventional end tippers. Boomerang Engineering builds one of the biggest side tippers in the southern hemisphere, which has a load capacity of 120 tonnes. These trailers are pulled by one of two types of trucks, Mack Big Foot or Challenger. The two trailers are able to have a total load mass of 220 tonnes with the truck able to reach speeds of 60 km per hour. We are constantly developing ways to evolve our side tipper trailer. We have a trailer that can move 100 tonnes of salt over very dusty conditions without contaminating the product. The trailer was designed with a special type of door seal and a hydraulic opening lid, which consists of a steel frame covered with a plastic tarp. The lid opens to a vertical position when loading. The trailer is coated inside and out with a two pack epoxy salt-resistant paint, which protects the salt from contamination from the metal of the body. If you’re looking for high-quality tipping trailers in Australia, we’re the ones to visit. Our friendly staff will always be ready to help you. Contact our purchasing officer and buy your side tipping trailer today.
Brand New End Tippers for Sale

End Tippers For Sale in Australia

Tipper trucks and bodies manufacturer End tippers are responsible for the transportation of various mineral resources and material in the construction industry. Needless to say, you need an end tipper’s mechanisms to work well when you’re working in an industry that thrives on efficiency and fast turnaround times. Finding decent, high-quality end tippers for sale should be your priority if you’re working in construction. With Boomerang Engineering, you are guaranteed to receive the best truck tippers that are designed and manufactured to suit your requirements. To top it all off, you’ll be assisted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Contact the relevant team member and they’ll do their best to help you. When you’re looking for end tippers for sale, you need to consider a variety of characteristics. Are they lightweight and durable? We’re the tipper manufacturers that take this into consideration. Our end tippers are designed to eliminate the usual wear and tear that most end tippers endure. We also build our trailers to reduce the build-up of leftover material, making sure your trailer bed is always clean. Most importantly, we will provide you with a quality truck tipper at an affordable price. Tipper trailers that are built to handle anything We manufacture tipper bodies that will meet all your inspection requirements. You’ll find no cracks, no rust or dents on your tipper trailers. We take extra care of our frames, rails and axles so you won’t find any sagging or bowing bends. Our end tipping trailers allow you to carry larger loads and faster unloading. They are also capable of hauling difficult construction materials as we incorporate a heavy-sided design, enabling the trailers to handle such material. We’ll take care of your trailers To get more out of your chosen trailer, you need to properly maintain it. Fortunately, we offer repair services to keep your truck’s tipper in top shape: Trailer straightening Boomerang Engineering is able to straighten and repair your trailer, with its 100-tonne trailer crush. During this process, our experienced staff will be on hand to oversee the maintenance and report back to you. If you’re in the metropolitan area, contact us now for a free onsite quote. We ensure that we’ll always remain innovative in our profession. Contact us now and enquire about our high-quality range of end tippers.

Consulting and Design

Boomerang Engineering has an experienced design team that are proficient in producing accurate technical drawings and solid models using the latest versions of Solidworks® and AutoCAD®. Accurate models, predicted tare weights and payloads are just some of the benefits of using our know how and state of the art computer programmes. Contact Us on for more details

Trailer Straightening

Boomerang Engineering is able to straighten and repair any type of transport equipment, with its 100 Tonne trailer crush and experienced trades people. We are also able to provide free on-site quotes in the metropolitan area. Contact Daniel Hoschke on 0422 560 841

Workshop Service

All work is carried out by one of our qualified trades-people at our fully equipped workshop. Workshop services provided: Axle straightening Axle & Suspension rebuilds BPW warranty repair agents Brake shoe relining General repairs Turntable & Ballrace services

Sandblasting & Painting

Boomerang Engineering employs qualified tradesman with vast experience in all facets of blasting, painting and corrosion control. We can refurbish all trailer types including side and end tippers, belly dumpers and tankers all the way down to 6’x4’ box trailers. Contact Us for more details
Stands for Hire Boomerang Engineering

55t Workshop Stands for Hire

Stands for Hire Boomerang Engineering has numerous stands available for hire. Stands can be hired by the day, week or month depending on your requirements. All of our hire stands are: Available in a range of sizes In excellent condition Fully certified to AS3990-1993 standards 55t rated stands Our stands are rated up to 55 tons and come with clearly legible WLL rating plaques and a Stainless Steel info plaque for reference to ensure proper usage. We can also provide you with 50mm spacers which can be stacked up to 4 high to gain 200mm in height for added flexibility on site. We have trolleys available as well to assist with mobility of the stands on site. Contact us today about our hire stand range.