Multi-Application Water Tankers


Water is crucial to the general operations of a mining site, with the ability to be used for a variety of applications that include dust control, compaction, land rehabilitation and even fire prevention. These applications take place on numerous areas on the site, meaning that the water needs to be transported without the possibility of wastage and contamination. This can only be done with a specialty water tanker that was designed to carry moving loads – in this case water – and can be mounted onto a range of trucks.

These trucks need to travel through the rugged terrain found throughout the site and are often fitted with off-road tyres. As a result, the preferred water tank’s sub frame and chassis needs to be designed in a way that prevents either the truck or tank from being damaged.

When working with water, mines need to adhere to strict regulations that ensure the proper use and implementation of any water-related activity. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in environmental awareness, with large corporations taking on massive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The mining industry is no exception, and perhaps the industrial sector with the most pressure to uphold stringent regulations. In fact, proper water control techniques have become the biggest benefactor to the viability of a modern mining operation. A mining facility with improper treatment of water simply cannot, and is not allowed to operate. This makes it crucial to have truck-mounted water on-site.

Uses and Applications

Dust Suppression

The dry nature of a mining site makes it easy for large quantities of dust to accumulate and work its way through the entire site. This is a serious safety hazard that can halt operations in areas with less than adequate health standards. Water tankers carry the water used to spray dry earth in an attempt to eliminate any potential or existing dust.


Water tankers also carry the water that is used to moisten soil, making it easier to compact and turn into a flat, even surface. This is usually done to create new roads and pathways that increase productivity rates by lessening the time spent moving between different points on the mine.


Most mines are located in remote areas surrounded by natural landscapes that are especially susceptible to fire. Thus, land is often kept wet as a preventative measure in extremely high temperatures that pose the threat of fire. Water tankers also house the water needed to support local authorities when a nearby fire is spreading.

Over 40 Years of Water Tanks from Boomerang Engineering

Boomerang Engineering has extensive experience in the manufacturing of truck mounted water tankers for the mining industry, with the ability to accommodate our clients’ varying requirements. Our tanks are designed to fit a variety of accessories, including rear fan sprays, dribble bars, suction pickup, battery spray and more. All our water carts also accommodate a variety of truck pumps, sprays hose reels, fill points and outlets relevant to vehicles that operate onsite.

Whether you’re looking for a 16 000 litre chassis mounted tank with a quick release hatch and a safety tank, or a fabricated water tank with a capacity of 20 000 litres and a splash guard, Boomerang Engineering is a specialist provider. We also stock a state-of-the-art electric tank that can be fitted on top of the original tank on the driver’s side. Have a look at our selection here.

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